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, who, if you don’t know, is the youngest of our two Kitties. If you get a kitty, give him a post asap, don’t let him start with any bad habits. Jack showed off his multi-talented self from the beginning, gathering his toys together in one spot. I would find little groups of his toys in piles around the house. we do it every morning and every night and sometimes at lunch!

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Even taking a bubble bath is more fun with Jack to help!

I finally decided his story needed to be a permanent part of the blog ~ I’m posting it here first, and later you’ll find it up at the top of the blog under “About Me”. he’s an excellent example of why, if we can, we should all have a kitty! One time I picked up the scale in our bedroom, because he was sniffing around it suspiciously, and under it there were seven ponytail bands. so he can catch them in mid air with his two paws, put them in his mouth, and bring them back to me!

I’m in California right now, far away from home and pets, and thinking about them and thought I’d have fun by writing about how we came to get Jack and what he’s meant to us . And if you’ve never had one and are curious, here’s kitty info from me and Jack to you with love. And of course, having a soft little fuzzy guy like this in the house is just so much fun! I would throw them to him and never see them again. He’d lost interest in the ball throwing and retrieving, and instead, he wants me to shoot ponytail bands for him . You can see him clutching onto one of the bands here.

making the whole room prettier and cozier while he’s at it.

Sleeps like a dream on a narrow ledge even with his leg dangling over the side. I put the ladder up to bring down baskets from the pantry rafters ~ turn around, and there he is!

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He met Chyna on her first day at Webster High, and soon became her friend.

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  1. Blair is as scrumptious as the day i fell in love with him on set it off! Tracey has two kids and she also has Edmonds Entertainment which she and Baby Face still run. She was more than his wife, unlike a some of the other women. Jon B was her artist, Soul Food the movie and the tv show are hers etc. although i probably would give the name back after a divorce it is a legal name change, just cuz the husband don't last...doesn't mean the name doesn't. Want to see this version of A Streetcar Named Desire.